This text is mirrored in my homenode.

I have developed an eating problem. I am overeating. I am binge-eating.

I'm not too sure when it started. It has manifested itself occasionally since college, but only since September 2003 has it happened more then once a month. During January-February 2004 and during June 2004 I have been bingeing up to five times a week.

I am still thin. I have not yet grown out of my current clothes. I believe that I need to gain control of this binging problem before I begin to gain large amounts of weight.

Last night, June 16, I consumed a half-pint of Jack Daniels. After that, I went to an all-night Walgreen's in search of snacks. I found none. I went to a local convenience store (Wagner's Meat, for those locals who know their motto) and bought a bag of flavored potato chips I wanted to try. I ate them all. I drove to an all-night Rite-Aid and bought another bag of flavored potato chips I wanted to try. I ate them all. I drove to a convenience store in the Quarter that I knew sold Indian snack mixes. They were not open. On the way back I bought a bag of pretzels. This was because I wanted something to crunch on. I ate them all.

I was not hungry when I started this binge.

I have a dry-erase board in my room. On it, I write a number. That number represents the days since my last binge. Since I started it keeping track a week ago, that number has not risen above 2.

I have not been serious about solving my overeating problem. I hope that being public about it will help me be serious about solving it.

I am moving the 'days since the last binge' count to my homenode. It is the most public place I own.

Currently, my last binge happened on the night of June 16, 2004. It has been 0 days since my last binge.