I remember coming in early to my European History class in high school to adjust the shades just so. If I got the amount of light right, and looked at a spot just to the right of the teacher's podium, I could easily watch the girl behind me in class, who I was deeply infatuated with.

I remember singing 'Deutschland Uber Alles' at the top of my lungs at a high-school pep rally.

I remember sitting in a coffeeshop next to my old college campus and desperately hoping that I didn't piss anyone off the night before, when I was drunk and stupid.

I remember punching holes in a box that contained new MSDN binders just because I was having trouble coming up with a solution to a surprisingly knotty problem. Mindless actions like that help me think.

I remember when I was about 4, and I was sitting in a corner, mulling over last names, not quite understanding what they really were. I understood first names - your mommy and daddy gave you those names, but where did these last names come from? Why was Zack's last name different from mine? Teague... Miller... Teague... Miller... and I was sitting near an air vent in the floor and then (I think) I started to look down the vent.

I remember getting BattleChess for my family's old C64 for Christmas one year. We wasted it all in one day; we set the board up so we could watch all of the myriad capture animations, sometimes replaying ones over and over again, especially knight takes knight and pawn takes queen. I wasn't skillful enough to play the computer at the standard level, and I had no interest in becoming that skillful, so we never touched that game again.

I remember discovering a barbecue place called Elmer's for the first time, and bullshitting with the elderly gentleman who sat next to me at the counter about just how incredibly bad the Marlins were, just one year after the Series victory... 'Tain't nuttin' but a cryin' shame', he said, 'all that Hee-zenga guy's fault, I tell you, he don't understand Sport', and he had clearly capitalized the word sport in his speech, giving it godhead privileges.

I remember slacking off from work to node, which is what I'm doing right now, so I'll cut this short.