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I'm natalie. I uhhhhhhh,

I like books, poems, language, words, slang, cuss words, writing stuff, making to-do lists of stuff i already did and then crossing it all off right away.

I don't like, uh, traffic, fluorescent lighting, micro management, cubicles, interrupters, or miserable oxygen thieving fuckers.

I know a little tiny bit about a lot of crap, the majority of the lot being worthless and the remainder is merely amusing.

I like to learn about everything. I am especially fascinated with dysfunction and chaos, secrets and lies, and what the truth might sound like if I ever get the chance to hear it. I'm bored a lot. I think too much.

To be very honest I mostly wonder about myself, who I am and who I might become, or if this is the last version of me I'm ever going to be. How did I get this way, can I change it and do I want to, and if so, what will I change into? I'm obsessive, and am currently experiencing an alarming lack of focus,