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mission drive within everything
to make the bad man stop
I want to hold the hand inside you, I want to take a breath that's true, I look to you and I see nothing, I look to you to see the truth.
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If you love it, let it go. If it doesn't come back, hunt it down and kill it.
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Final Integration in the Adult Personality
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"But during the long intervals in which each of us collected evidence to produce at the plenary meetings, and with the clear conscience of those who accumulate material for a medley of burlesques, our brains grew accustomed to connecting, connecting, connecting everything with everything else, until we did it automatically, out of habit.... I was becoming addicted, Diotallevi was becoming corrupted, Belbo was becoming converted."

The Rules

a la . . . Saint Jean
36 p charrete de fein
6 . . . entiers avec saiel
p . . . les blancs mantiax
r . . . s . . . chevaliers de Pruins pour la . . .
6 foiz 6 en 6 places
chascune foiz 20 a . . . 120 a . . .
iceste est l'ordonation
al donjon li premiers
it li secunz joste iceus qui . . . pans
it al refuge
it a Nostre Dame de l'altre part de l'iau
it a l'ostel des popelicans
it a la pierre
3 foiz 6 avant la feste . . . la Grant Pute.