Dear Mom,
I planted some wisteria today. it's just a sprig in a glass of water in our bedroom, but it reminds me so much of home; so much of Louisiana I just sort of got misty eyed for a little and thought I would write. Things here are well, the kids are getting bigger and honery, but they are great. Work is OK, and I guess we are getting used to the flat spaces and the no ponds. Some days, and this is one of them I guess I just start pining for home and it just settles in on me-what I miss I mean, -
the coal black coffee, your daquiris on the back porch, talking loud so I can hear you above the cicada, soft ground fog in the morning and long pink sunsets mixing in the Oaks. I miss all that, and certain smells, like this little branch-it brings it back, for me at least.

I love you bunch, I ain't unhappy, just a little missing you is all, and how things were-I'll be OK and I would love for you to come on over here and see us. Bring some real coffee if you do, OK?

Love you both