She keeps telling me that she wants to know where things are headed.. and I don't know what that means. There are many times I long for those twinset headphones they use at the UN, the ones that allow all the different nations to talk to each other, all the different languages riding over each other, like a car radio stuck on seek mode.

I want to know where things are headed, all those kinds of things, but I honestly don't even know what she means by these words:
There is no relevant definitions of terms in the introduction section. I keep looking at her, trying to find signs. I wonder how far apart we really are, but how do I even ask that kind of question:

"Excuse me, do you have any idea what I am talking about, since I am lost with you? Your english is not mine and your intentions are hidden to me. I have no clue how you really feel.

How do people in your world show sincerity?