"Meet me in the middle of the day,
let me hear you say- Everything's OK
Bring me Southern kisses from your room
Meet me in the middle of the night,
Let me hear you say, Everything's alright
Let me smell the moon in your perfume."

Romeo's Tune-Steve Forbert-1979

Humidity made the air heavy and slow. We sat on the floor by the bed, considering the next move. It was too hot to sleep and the heat had melted all of the ice cream we could not eat (it wasn't much). Although the apartment had air conditioning, it was not working on this evening and the open windows allowed no breeze serious enough to do any damage.

I put on the stereo and wondered if the heat would burn out its transistors. "Wanna dance?"

I was teasing of course, but she was the type of woman who would take you up on things, so she pulled herself to her feet and placed damp forearms on my shoulders-

Hey, soldier-come here often?

Her hair was limp and pulled to one side of her face the smell of honeysuckle was thick on her neck-it was her attempt to ward off the hours of sweat. We rocked from side to side as she fell halfasleep against my shoulder. It was 2 am. We were both tired, but the heat made the bed, any bed, uninviting.

Maybe, the bathtub...

She didn't look up, but grinned to herself as she thought about it...
I walked away from her, nudging her in the other direction, down the hall.

"Go ahead, I'll bring the icecubes."