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Foundation and Earth
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________   \|/  
           ..   I'm here to I unload some knowledge, refresh what I have
        d  / ]  learned, and expand my views on things I missed 
         \  -   during my formal education.  I have always been a fan of 
                Everything(now called E2). It is nothing short of a present 
                day Encyclopedia Galactica or Hitchhiker's Guide.

Influential Authors and Books

- Edwin A. Abbott: Flatland
- Isaac Asimov's: Foundation Series

I have to admit it's nice to see people have read Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series, I haven't run into too many people outside the wired who have. For a while I thought I would never finish them. The book I had marked it a trilogy (ISBN 0-380-00101-2, 1974). Then I found out about Prelude To Foundation. When I had completed the series found listed in the Foundation Series published today, they didn't mention Foundation and Earth(it does appear on E2's Foundation Series list). I spent a decent amount of time hopping between used bookstores before I acquired the now out of print Foundation and Earth and finished the series.yay!

- Isaac Asimov's: Robot Series
- Emily Dickenson: poetry
- Kahlil Gibran
- Douglas Hofstaedter
- Stanislaw Lem:Cyberiad
- Neil Stephenson

About the name deathsp00n:

People ask me "Why the name Deathsp00n?"
I Randomly chose the word spoon,
I Randomly chose the word death,
Splashed numbers in there because most places require them for usernames;
all in all I chose it for no good reason.
Unlike many things I chose at random (mostly numbers) i've become particularly fond of this nick.