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mission drive within everything
Unveil the mighty face of order besmirched by squirming agents of deception; arrange barbecues.
live video compositing
Dantronic Video Services, LLC
I'm sorry, Mrs. Cheney, we just didn't see it coming. We did all we could have done, and so did you. I mean, a snow shovel, who would have guessed! Oh but he loved the snow, how it glimmers in the cold cold light. He would have wanted it this way.
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Colors and shapes. Delaware. Music.
PVC hydraulics, trains, marble machines.
Radio Shack, Commodore 64.
Cincinnati. Basement radio station.
Oddessey of the Mind. Renatra Fusca.
Baltimore. America Online. Photography, lacrosse.
Olga's Kitchen.

Stunt Island: Lead animator for early-adopter CGI projects, including a top-market PSA for the State of Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

TI-82: Minehunt. Very slow Dungeons and Dragons.

Pet Shop Boys, Underworld.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum: Miles Gloriosus.
Arsenic and Old Lace: Jonathan.
Fiddler on the Roof: Second Russian Soldier / caution-tape dispenser

GEB:EGB. The Emperor's New Mind. Hitchhiker's Guide. Hawking.
Badminton. 800 meters. Forrest Gump.
Brown, Cornell, Oberlin, WPI,
University of Maryland,

College Park Pittsburgh bicycle webcam they might be giants 10 years
greyhound video feedback nine years
rave goggles, arkansas, plato's diner eight years

chief engineer, WMUC-FM seven years

Video Designer, Woolly Mammoth's "Andromeda Shack" six years
Video Jockey, OM Festival, Ontario; Weekly VJ @ DC Edge five years
Shaman four years
Technical Director three years
ben Assistant Technical Director, Washington National Opera two years sanctuary tivoli
Sound Designer, SANCTUARY. Video Designer, BLIND SPOT one year ed sanctuary ed