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Dafydd is Welsh, Quaker, a student, and a geek, in no particular order. You are encouraged to peruse what he's preparing in his Scratch Pad and afterward /msg him comments about it. Oh, go on. Or just /msg him about any old thing. He really likes that.

He has the privilege of being ryano's mentee. He agrees with ryano that all homenodes should be written in the third person.

Dafydd nodes slowly. He has started more than twice as many writeups as he has submitted.

He's been playing around with a program that expands on the E2 Scratch Pad:

He uses PGP (or, to be more precise, GPG, a Free reimplementation thereof):

  • OpenPGP key ID: 1282 87E8
  • Fingerprint: 3798 CF21 4178 565E FDE7 : 480B A43E 6D27 1282 87E8

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