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This information is being placed here to save my many stalkers quite a bit of trouble. I actually like all the attention(though some of it tends to be homicidal in nature.) I'm quite a typical computer junkie, wandering through cyberspace aimlessly for h.ours, posting to various mailing lists about the glories of Orbitz. My main interests lie in eventually developing a full OE in Basic. Though I know quite a few languages, Basic tends to be my favorite because of its sheer simplicity.
When not on th.e computer(rarely) I practice blinking, chilling with friends and listening to mostly techno, trance and industrial.
Should you wish to contact me(offers of mind altering synthesised substances and/or inventive sex will be accepted gratefully) here's contact info.
AIM: RainVelvet (expressing my feminine side)
ICQ: 2151103.