Kitty-N (which is short for Kitty Nakajima) is a seventeen year old female character of Japanese origin from the Bust A Move (or, in North America, Bust A Groove) series of rhythm games. In the first Bust A Move, she dresses up in a suit which allows her to take on certain feline characteristics, including those cute cat ears and a tail. The second Bust A Move (called "Dance Tengoku Mix") has her sporting an outfit which is a hybrid between some kind of mech body suit and her regular outfit (from the first Bust A Move). Her measurements (for those so inclined to want to know) are 84cm (37in) - 55cm (22in) - 85cm (34in) while standing 170cm (5'7") tall and weighing 46kg (101lbs).

While on stage, Kitty-N dances in a style which has been called 'modern broadway', 'jazz', and even 'vogue'. Her stage music is known as "Aozora no Knife" (Knife of the Blue Sky) in Bust A Move and "Hello! Kitty-N" in Dance Tengoku Mix. Kitty-N was trained by a famous dancer known as Michael Doi, and in the course of her training with Michael, Kitty fell in love with him. This turned out to be a rather unfortunate event, as Michael Doi was gay, and found himself unable to return the feelings Kitty had for him.

Thus, in Dance Tengoku Mix, Kitty-N is actually fighting her way through the dance tournament in the hopes of winning Michael's love. Other than participating in dancing tourneys, Kitty-N also has her own television programs, and fights as a 'warrior of justice' type (such as Sailor Moon) in the evenings.

All in all, Kitty-N is a pretty cool feline. *miao!*