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Well hi there. my name is colleen sturtz. i'm a twenty year-old college student; i'm attending Stetson University, not Eckerd college like my father wrote in his node(thppt!). i just came back from a spring break service trip to chattanooga tenn.essee. the place we stayed at had been declared a superfund site by the federal government. that means it is polluted beyond the means of the communities financial clean up abilities. this site is a federal housing project in the middle of an industrial back in wwII times, the US Defense Department dumped a lot of tar into the chattanooga creek, which the community is bordered on by two sides. there are schools in the neighborhood that are maybe a football field away from the creek. the truly disgu.sting part is that the government built the community knowing it was polluted, not just by them but by the other 40 or so chemical plants in the area.