I cannot apologize for my country (of origin). Not because I agree with the social, political or economic policies and practices of the United States, but simply because:

I am not my country.

I do not represent my country.

I am not responsible (at least, not personally responsible) for all of the shit it inflicts upon the rest of the world.

Now I bet you're thinking, woah, hold on there, cowboy: of course you're part of the American system. You are an adult citizen. You have the right to vote.

This is true. But I don't.

Do you really think that simply by voting I am going to change minds, tear down walls, prevent the CIA from installing fascist dictators in countries on the brink of socialist revolution, feed the poor, and eliminate military build-up? Chemical warfare? Nuclear weapons?

I have no idea what someone whom I've helped elect is going to do "in my name." Am I supposed to trust these people to follow through on their platforms? How much do I or anyone but the intelligence agencies know about what nastiness America (and other nations too) gets into? How much control do I actually have over the political machine?

I stay as far out of the bloody mess as I can.

In fact, I don't even live in my country. I am immigrating to Canada this fall, as long as the Canadians agree to take me. I may have to rub the mark of Cain off my forehead first.

Please don't snub me because of where I was born. I really had no control over it.

Pointing fingers at me simply because of my nationality isn't going to shame the American government into behaving decently.