Even though I realized that the main point of this organization is to provide another line on one's college resume, I was still somehow suckered into joining it and I guess I’m too lazy to leave. Unfortunatly, in payment for the illustrious sentence that I am allowed on my resume, I have to do a certain amount of community service hours etc to stay in.

Why do I do this? Don’t have a clue. Maybe it’s because of my parent’s influence. Don’t know, but in any case, this past week I volunteered at a Pre-school to get the required amount of community service hours I needed. While I was standing there being mobbed by swarm after swarm of angry munchkins, I realized how sad I really was. The fact I was there at all sacrificing my dignity for a few service points that would only briefly delay my departure from NHS made me realize how low I had already sunk to kiss the feet of my teachers. So, as I gazed over the sea of grimy faces surrounding me, I had my little epiphany. I suppose that I owe my thanks to the National Honors Society. For me, this evil conglomerate actually turned out to be a good thing. If your thinking about joining though, I highly discourage it. Epiphanies are cool but pre-schools and forced labor really suck.