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Mîm was the last of the Petty-Dwarves. He sheltered Túrin during his outlaw days in his home in Amon Rûdh, since which was named Dar-en-Danwedh (The House of Ransom). He and his remaining son Ibun lived with Túrin and his band of outlaws for a year. In the year 487 of the First Age, Mîm was captured by a tribe of Orcs, to who he betrayed the location of Túrin and his home.

In the year 501, he resettled the halls of Nargothrond which his ancestors had built. Húrin, father of Túrin, later came along a slew the dwarf in revenge of his son. Mîm outlived both of his sons and the Petty-Dwarves died with him.