A Russian brand of oil paints (and perhaps other paints, too - I was unable to find any information about them on the web). Their address is: ОАО <<ГАММА>>, Mockba, 105023, M. Cemehobckaя, 5

I purchased these paints when I was in Moscow in April and May of 2001. I saw then a little in the stores, but not much - most of the stores had western brands of paint. At Izmalosky Park, the same place where I purchased too much camera junk - a Leica Copy and a Kiev 60 - I found these paints.

The tubes that they were in looked cheap, but the price was right - between $1 and $2 for 46ml. tubes, with most of them about a dollar. The numbers below are the prices of the paints, in Rubles, those that have not already rubbed off. There were many more colors, I know, these are just the ones that I still have.

These tubes of oil paint, cheap, silvery in color, with black caps that would break if screwed on too hard, were actually pretty good paints. There appears to be some intention of an exteneded market, the labels in Russian, English, French, and German.

And they were cheap. But for the price, I cannot complain. Some of the paints seemed a bit watery, and the mixtures were inconsistent. You do get what you pay for.