Any kind of peanut butter purchased from an organic grocery store, like Fresh Fields or whatever. I purchased a jar of this stuff the other day, expecting the typical thick and swirly chemical cream of Jif that you can carve a heart into like on the ads.

Oh no.

Organic peanut butter does not mold like Mia Hamm's hair in the Pert commercial. It's oily, for starters, especially at the top near the lid, and the bottle I bought even had a convenient information label describing this oiliness as natural and expected. You're supposed to mix and stir before serving. A lot.

Anyway, the most noticeable difference between regular peanut butter and the organic variety is that one tiny little glob of the stuff matches the adhesive qualities of rubber cement, and will seal your lips like the alum in the punch in that famous 3 Stooges skit.