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i want to learn, contribute, and perhaps someday educate
lets see.. well, i'm not an expert in anything. i enjoy art of any kind, be it music, poetry, literature, film, or any other forum
i belong to the school of thought known as "please just leave me alone"
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ok, look, i'm new here. i don't know what to do. i know the basics, but like the bare bare basics. if i fuck up, don't crucify me. take into consideration the fact that i don't give a damn about your worthless opinion. feel free to fuck me up, but always justify your decision with a well thought out 'why'.

i think i'll start out my e2 career by adding,(to pre-existing nodes that already have all the factual information they need), my own opinions about the subject. perhaps it will spicen the node, perhaps dull it. i care not. these aren't works of art. these are my thoughts at the moment. if you feel that they shouldnt be there, go ahead and delete the fucker. just give me the 'why'. not so hard is it. thanks a bunch.