A Quake Team Fortress Class

The Sniper class moves at a medium speed, and wears as little armor as the Scout: a maximum of 50 green armor. He carries the axe, nailgun, and Sniper Rifle. His grenade types are Hand and Flares. His sniper rifle makes him the ideal class for long-distance defense, but his lack of close-range weaponry means he's got trouble if the opponent should get within range.

Sniper Rifle: The rifle uses shotgun shells for ammo, and operates in one of two modes:

- Single Shot. With a reload time of 1.5 seconds, this mode is what sniping is all about. One shot from this will kill most players except for a heavily armored soldier or heavy weapons guy. The longer you aim, the more damage the sniper shot will do. To aim, just keep holding down the fire button. When aiming, the view slowly zooms in. N.B. You can toggle this feature using the "autozoom" command.
- Auto Shot. Although this fire mode does a lot less damage than single shot and uses a lot of ammo, its great for picking off a wounded target, or a fast moving scout. The other tricky bit about the sniper rifle is that it is a rifle. You can't just snap shot from the hip with it. If you're moving too fast, the rifle simply won't fire.


"autozoom" : Toggle the automatic zooming of the sniper rifle.