Prostitot is the colloquial term that refers to girls, normally between the ages of 10 and 18 (though the starting age is steadily decreasing) who dress like prostitutes.

It should be made clear, however, that these children are not, (hopefully) in fact soliciting prostitution, but rather, they wear clothes that are commonly connected with people who work the streets.

Examples of the kind of clothing are (but certainly not limited to):

Please note that any one, or combination of more than one, of these items does not the prostitot make. Immaturity, especially that which is shown through flaunting themselves in public is a key ingredient.

Prostitots can be found rather easily if one knows where to look. They can normally be found on Friday and Saturday nights when they frequent places such as movie theaters, malls, and most every other teenage hangout in the area. While there they typically try to use their (negligent) sexuality to get free stuff from any male who may have the power to give them anything. For this reason they are usually the subject of many jokes by the employees they try to seduce. Fortunately, because very few people take them seriously they usually succeed in getting nothing but embarrased because of the way they act.