A Finnish Amiga scene group.

Decnite was formed in late 1992 by ex members of World Industries (WDI). Led by Jam, the group was deeply rooted in Hämeenlinna, but in time they gained plenty of members from all around Finland.

From the start, Decnite concentrated heavily in modem trading. In 1994 the team and their members constantly appeared near the top positions of the SFTop modem charts. They also had popular BBS:s of their own, including Klondike, Cyclone Center and Station X Omega. SXO was later on operated by people from numerous groups like Complex and CNCD, and the staff released some BBS intros as "SXO Posse" instead of Decnite.

In addition to trading, Decnite released lots of small intros, the most memorable of them being Mass Technology (their contribution to Assembly 1993) and Rescue +358, both thanks to funny music by Dime. There were some larger productions too, most notably The Party 2 Slideshow which was their first release. A few issues of a diskmag called Magnet were also created, as well as the packdisk series Rapid Transfer. Decnite never tried to compete with the big demogroups, and their small productions were mostly made in order to advertise their bulletin board systems and such.

Notable members in addition to those listed above included Tucan (gfx), Wasp (code, later known as Vesuri of Da Jormas) and Kristen (trade). While Decnite had a few foreigners visit their ranks, they remained mainly a Finnish crew.

In 1995 Decnite faded away, and as announced in their last intro Johnny Take a Dive, officially ceased to exist. This was probably due to the fact that the Station X Omega BBS was closed as Jam moved away from Hämeenlinna due to his studies, and Decnite itself had been extremely inactive for a long period. Many members joined the famous Finnish crew Parallax, while some left the scene.

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