A 5-track EP released in 1992 by Alice in Chains. Drummer Sean Kinney had had a dream that he was at a press conference and announced that AiC's next album would be called "Sap". The band didn't have enough material for an album, but decided to use the name for their next release anyway.

Unlike their debut album, Facelift, this EP showed a mellow acoustic side to the band. They would go on to perfect this style of EP with the release in 1994 of Jar of Flies.


  1. Brother - 4:27
  2. Got Me Wrong - 4:12
  3. Right Turn - 3:17
  4. Am I Inside - 5:09
  5. Love Song (hidden) - 3:44

Brother and Got Me Wrong are both excellent tracks which both received interesting reinterpretations in the MTV Unplugged set. Backing vocals on Brother come courtesy of Ann Wilson of Heart. Right Turn is credited to Alice Mudgarden, because it was performed by Alice in Chains, Mark Arm of Mudhoney, and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. The outro vocal performance by Chris Cornell on Right Turn is absolutely stunning.

Am I Inside is a competent track, not quite matching the first three. The hidden song (Love Song) has the band switching their normal roles. Singer Layne Staley plays drums, guitarist Jerry Cantrell plays bass, bassist Mike Starr plays guitar, and drummer Sean Kinney does vocals and piano. As you might expect, the song is something of a joke.