Hi everybody! I hope your doing good! Tonight is my Interest Fair at school. Last year I did a project about rock and roll in the 1970’s. This year I did my project on the history of coffee. I never knew that there was so much to learn about a little bean! I hope the judges like it!

I wrote a poem last night at my dad’s house. We were talking about space and what it means so I went upstairs and wrote this. I called it My Own Space. I hope you like it!

My Own Space

I really like space
Where there’s no race against time
And the stars look like lace
And I think they’re all mine

Space doesn’t have to be big
It only has to be there
It can be really small
And I really don’t care

Space goes on forever
And I see all it has
You can never reach never
And the time will just pass

Yes, I really like space
It’s where I call home
Space is my kind of place
And I call it my own


/me says Standard disclaimers apply