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_______________The Slender Thread________________

A sigh...
Wordless memories of life
Like a herd of wild palominos
Trampling the murmurs of my heart

A soul...
Remembrances of distance past
Fleeting words of wisdom
Inscribed on the edifice of expectation

A life
Swimming through flood ridden waters
Seeking refuge in contentment
Holding your slender thread to eternity

A love...
The precipice of vulnerability
Shaken hopes finding ecstasy
A moment can connect what has been forgotten


_____________________The Spring Equinox_____________________

I dreammmed I was in Venice under a bridge of sighs
My head turned upside down - you met my gaze with piercing eyes
Reflecting water flowing over our emotions now serene in velvet night
We laid together, arched backs looked up you held me tight
Said simply, hold on to faith, it's gonna be all right

I dreammmed we are running hard up a sand dune
Sweat from desert heat pouring down our bodies
Marathon muscles torquing harder to finally reach the precipice
We leaped hand in hand, to catch a fleeting glimpse of dawn's first light
Said simply, hold me close, it's gonna be all right

I dreammmed we are swimming into a tsunami
Our hearts tossed like a rag dolls, pulled to the ancient Atlantean depths
One touch restores gentle tourquoise currents
Washed ashore in our communion we share the fruit, a tropical bite
Said simply, nothing stronger than us, it's gonna be all right