Senator Trent Lott stepped down as Senate Majority Leader late last week amid the controversy surrounding racially insensitive remarks he made at fellow Senator Strom Thurmond's one-hundredth birthday celebration. He stated that the country would have been better off if it had elected Thurmond President in 1948, who ran as a Dixiecrat on an almost exclusively segregationist platform. Lott claimed that his remark was an isolated mistake caused by "winging" a speech. However, when you take a closer look at Lott's life, you will quickly discover that these remarks are only the latest in a long series of remarks and policies that show the true nature of Lott, that he is a blatant racist:

While one or even several of these events might be explained away by coincidence, taken together, they paint a picture of a racist man still stuck in the past.


  • Newsweek's December 23, 2002 edition (Article entitled "Ghosts of the Past")