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The "Hitch Hiker's guide to the Galaxy" has this to say about boghogs:

"What was the boghog's
secret of keeping warm? If anyone had ever learnt the language
the boghogs spoke to each other they would have discovered
that there was no trick. The bo.ghogs were as cold and wet as
anyone else on the planet. No one had had the slightest desire
to learn the language of the boghogs for the simple reason that
these creatures communicated by biting each other very hard on
the thigh. Life on NowWhat what it was, most of what a
boghog might have to say about it could easily be signified by
these means."

I feel this way, and so do many others. So, the meaning of life should be to aquire the _opposite_ feeling about things.

Boghog, alias S.imen Kvaal.