The Independent is a rather cool paper. It sells around 227,000 copies, which makes it the least read broadsheet paper in the UK. But you do get the most impartial news which tries its best to separate news, analysis and comment.

It has great commentators: Bruce Anderson, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, David Aaronovitch, Michael Brown, Donald Macintyre and Robert Fisk with his controvertial and refreshing different views on the Middle East to name but a few. It seeks to represent a wide range of views but it is a liberal paper and so don’t expect to read too many conservative or right wing articles!

It got a relaunch in April 2002 but to be honest it hasn’t really changed much. It’s just shuffled itself round going back to more traditional set up of a main paper and a tabloid style review section. Lets hope it gets more readers and thereby gets a better informed public!