Assassins is a very cool game that you can play with your friends.
The goal of this game is to be the last one alive.
Choose a moderator, this person will not play, but will set up the game and solve disputes. Choose two if it's a larger group. Make a list of all the players (get at least 10, though it's much more fun with 25 or 30) and have each of them choose aliases. The moderator must randomly assign each player a "target" who is another player. This must be done so that each player has only one target and that a single loop of death is formed, for instance it should be Jessicapierce is the target of Pseudo_Intellectual is the target of Uberfetus is the target of Dem Bones is the target of Jessicapierce, instead of Jessicapierce and Pseudo_Intellectual are each other's targets and Uberfetus and Dem Bones are each other's targets. Now, the moderator tells each player who their target is, perhaps by writing their alias on a slip of paper or something. He then posts the list of players and aliases in a prominent place (a central location for small campuses, maybe a web page for larger ones.) Each player also recieves a set of little, blank stickers. The start time of the game is scheduled.
Playing the freaking game:
The goal of each player is to be the last alive. To do this, they must kill other players. Each person must attempt to kill their target. In order to kill someone, first they must be your target. Then, you must go up to them and attach a sticker with their alias written on it to them. However, if someone sees you do this and understands what you are doing or asks about it, then you have failed to kill them. If you are caught, you die. If you attempt to kill your target, but they get away, they can then "call" you to a moderator. If they identify their assassin correctly, and their assassin has made an attempt on their lives, then their assassin dies. If they guess wrong, they die. Now, if you successfully assassinate your target, their target becomes your target.
Keeping track:
During the game, each assassination, failed assassination, or anything that results in a player's death or disqualification must be reported as soon as possible to a moderator. The moderator then takes the dead player off the list of names. You may have noticed that it is possible for your target to die without your knowledge. Therefore, it is prudent to check in with a moderator, who can always tell you who your target is.
It is a good idea to set limitations on the game, pick and choose:
  • Limit the game to certain times in the day, for instance, play only during daylight, or outside of classes, etc.
  • Limit the game to a part of your campus or some other form of boundaries.
  • Do not allow conspiracies of any kind.


Soon to come: Stategy!

Update, upon finding this node more than six months later:
Obviously, the above statement re: "Soon to come: Strategy!" was a complete and utter falsitude. Oh well. If someone else wants to write it, go right ahead!