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Thought I'd add this side note before I start posting away.
I really do not care for correct grammar, syntax, spelling and so on. While I understand that this site does not really agree with me on this one, these here scribblins come out as they come out and while the feedback is greatly appreciated, please understand that my aim is not to please any kind of rule (is language ever in a solid state?) or become any kind of anything due to what I have to say, but rather to write what comes to my noggin in the way that it comes and have fun doing it, nothing more, nothing less.
I hope you, whoever you may be, find something in whatever I put up on this here electronic dream. But regardless, I had a blast writing 'em so really what more could I ask of these here creations than that?
Thanks, and stay the fuck out of New Mexico (please)!
P.S. And now for a little hubris. In response to the little copyright warning at the bottom right corner of your screen in which it states "all content copyright original author unless otherwise stated, well, I'm stating, "Steal away!" The whole idea of a "copyright" is just a bunch of magical thinking in my opinion. If you like something here, rip it off, reproduce it in part or in whole, do not ask my permission for the love of christ, just make sure you've made the damn thing your own in some meaningful way! This comes with one caveat: if your trying to make a buck on any of my work, you do not have my permission (or to put it nicely, "Fuck off you capitalist swine!") We all build upon each others' insights, whether we're upfront about it or not.