Ahem...If Michael Jackson was still in his cool stage when he made this film, it was at the very end of this. However, this news flash had not yet made it to the parents of America, so when my family went to see this movie during at trip to Florida in the mid-80s, we still had to wait for about an hour and a half to get in.

This movie left me scarred for life, quite literally. It was a new 3D movie that used polarized filters instead of red and green to get the 3D effect. It was also only about 15-minutes long. Due to the fact that we had waited about 6 times the length of the movie to get in, and the fact that my Dad was blind in one eye, so the picture was still doubled to him (the polarizatoin wasn't perfect), we made a family decision to swipe the cool 3-D glasses after the film, and pull the polarized filters out later.

I was doing this in the car with my jackknife when we hit a bump, and the knife slipped and cut my finger to the bone on the second knuckle. I still have the scar, thus I am scarred for life by this movie.