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I just read Chancel's write up on Mashed potatoes and cottage cheese and it reminded me of a dish I haven't had since a child. I'm 65 now.

It was absolutely delicious. it was called Pitahya'a, or something like that. hehe

But, here's how to make it. Make egg noodle pasta dough. roll it out and cut into 8" to 10" circles.

Boil some potatoes and mash them. adding a little salt and pepper.

Mix the potato with cottage cheese, about 50/50. use this mixture as filling for the pita, the 8" circles, fold over and carefully seal the half circle, using water to moisten.

press with a fork to ensure a good seal.

Why so important to seal? because we boil them next. hehe. and if not sealed completely they leak out all the filling.

I'd say 15 minutes boiling, or until the pasta is completely cooked. then put on a plate. have butter and salt and pepper handy.

Spread with a little butter, the salt and pepper, and be prepared to taste something remarkable.

They taste quite different than what you would expect. they blending of potato and cottage cheese, when cooked like this, in combination with the egg noodle covering, with some butter on it, tastes completely different, with a sharper taste in the combo of the potato and cheese. almost like it was some kind of sharp exotic cheese.

It doesn't taste like potato, and it does not taste like cottage cheese. Well, you just have to try it to see what I mean. but, trust me, you will be amazed! btw, plan on spending half a day doing this hehe. Perhaps make it a family bonding event.