This achingly deep bit of house went straight into the UK charts at No.1 when finally released. This is the highest chart ranking ever reached by a artist from Portugal. The release was delayed because of an injunction involving a music sample. EMI accused Rui of using a guitar sample from a Spandau Ballet track, 'Chant No.1'. The allegations were later dropped.

Rui Da Silva has created an amazing slice of deep and trippy music with this release. It was labelled 'Dance Anthem of 2001' by Mixmag, and is a perfect example of how house and trance elements can sound when blended together properly. The track begins ambient and slow, with Cassandras enchanting vocals, a steady beat and faint strings. The melodic beat gradually builds into an explosion of pumping sound, which fluctuates up and down for the remainder of the song.

Touch Me is a real mood shifter, building and weaving layers and textures as it progresses. It is haunting and stands out from many more typical house mixes. Divine when experienced in a fast car at night, windows wound down, and bass pumping; Or of course in the dark recesses of an amazing club. Let yourself go with this song. Drift on the music. Trust me - It's absolute bliss.


Song by Rui Da Silva Ft. Cassandra, 2001

You will always be my baby
I'm always thinking of you, baby

Touch me in the morning
And last thing at night
Keep my body warm, baby
You know it feels right

Take it a little higher
I'm thinking it too (too)
Tell me what you're feeling
I feel it with you

We can only understand
what we are shown
How was I supposed
to know our love would grow?

Move a little closer
Things sure are looking up
Heal me with your loving
I need you so much
I need you so much
I need you so much

(lyrics largely removed by Oolong, at bexxta's request, to comply with E2 Copyright Changes; now CST Approved)


Along with CD single and Vinyl release, this track can also be found on the following compilations:

Clubber's Guide To 2001 - Mixed By Tall Paul (Ministry Of Sound)
Ministry Of Sound Annual 2002
Nu-progressive Era (Hooj Choons)
Lagered! The Next Level - Mixed By Sample Gee
Trance Nation 2001 (Mixed By Ferry Corsten - System F)(Ministry Of Sound)
Essential Mix - mixed by Pete Tong