This is a poem that I wrote a few years back. Every time I read this poem it jumps out at me. It truely conveys the emotions I wished to express when I went to write it. I don't remember the exact time that I wrote this poem, but I do remember it during that great time of confusion that we must all pass through as our rite of passage into adulthood. That time when we are half adult and half child, when we are dabbling in love and yet still cling to our childhood toys.

I wonder if you question life too much,
Or do I not question it enough?
Do I hold all the answers,
Or you all the questions?
Are you black and me white?
Or are you white and me black?

We are both blue.

You say you are lost in a labyrinth.
I take a red crayon.
And draw a line over the walls from me to you.
Do I win? Or have I just begun to see my total defeat?

I threw the crayon away.

I shove.
You push.
We tumble to the ground.
The leaves cover us.

The leaves turn to air.

Do you hold all the answers and I all the questions?

Or will we ever know?

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