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...... do I really need the win.ini file?
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I'm a 20 year old college student in Indiana. I'm a computer science major and Philosophy minor. I've been working with computers for about 11-12 years, and grew up using Windows. I'm fluent in all versions of Windows, though a little rusty on the older versions. I'm learning Linux now, with the Slackware 8.1 distro. I'm currently in Java programming classes, and am hoping to learn PHP soon. I'm an internet junkie of sorts, as I'm ALWAYS online. You can generaly find me on AOL Instant messenger, or on ICQ. I also have an online journal ( where I post quite often. .... I found this site because of a friend of mine. I commented to him that I want to learn..... everything. and he sent me the link...... the rest, is history. well, ok, its NOT history.... yet.

hoping to get to know some of you, and figure this whole site out soon.