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The above image is a lovely panorama of Treachery Bay on the east coast of Australia. There is only a single sign of human civilisation in the picture - see if you can find it.

Now, firstly let me just say that, every time you climb into a car, you have the option, nay, THE OPPORTUNITY, to re-enact the Bohemian Rhapsody head-banging scene from Wayne's World when a good song comes on. Personally, I intend to never squander this opportunity.

Secondly, imagine you're on a bus. Someone sits down next to you, and you politely budge over a little. Your eyes meet for a second, maybe there's a quick smile, and then you both look away. You go back to your book or laptop or phone, as they pull out theirs, and the rest of the journey proceeds completely uneventfully until one of you gets off. What you don't know, is that that person was the most amazing person you will ever cross paths with, and they would have been a friend for life. This is the saddest thing. I squander this opportunity a lot.

Anyway, I'm studying electrical engineering, yeah? But, I try to do as little actual damn electrical engineering as possible. I play lots of music (bass, piano, a little guitar), go surfing sometimes, love skiing, read up on science and geography, do a little hobby programming, and enjoy appreciating beautiful things.

I have a personal website with various things on it, including links to blogs, student societies, clubs, band websites, and whatnot.