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We have the qualities of our defects, and the defects of our qualities (my mother says so).
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Born 1960 in Boston, Mass. Father and mother Quebecois. Left for Quebec City at age 0.5, then for Togo at 4, then back to Quebec City at 8, then in Algeria at 10, back at 15. University (Physics, M. Sc. Radiobiology, Ph. D. Physics). Met Nathalie (Civil Engineer). Had two kids, a boy then a girl (Jami is 14 and Tatiana is 11 now - in 2001). Post Doc In Remote Sensing, then consulting with CATIE, in Costa Rica (1992-1996). Then moved to Colombia to work with CIAT, until 6 months ago, now in Montpellier, France, still with CIAT.