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Replicas of your face, in sirloin and chuck steak
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Theo Walters
t h e o _ s e v e n @ y a h o o . c o m

(punch and punch and punch and punch) -- I'm not against the XP system or anything, but this is sort of fun too

I'm (not really anymore) new here. Everybody's been really nice to me, thank you.

Halspal says I liked that writeup very much. I only have one criteria for whether or not I like a piece of writing - whether or not I want to read more from the same author. Welcome to E2, backstage.

Txikwa says I hope someone has mentioned to you that all fiction, regardless of content or qualiy, gets a bunch of shitty downvotes from morons, and you have to ignore those and just count the upward ones. And keep writing.

I am here to write.
Life continues to be excellent, there's probably one or two people like me but it's hot on the eighth floor and I can't be bothered to think about it.