Blur's album 'Blur', released in 1997, as you can read in slim's excellent writeup, is really a great album. I have to admit that I don't know much of Blur's work so I can't tell you how good it is compared to other Blur CDs. It features both "heavy" songs (Song 2), but also great acoustics (You're So Great, Look Inside America, ...).

  1. Beetlebum
  2. This was also released as a single.
  3. Song 2
  4. Perhaps Blur's most popular song? Has a great video too.
  5. Country Sad Ballad Man
  6. M.O.R.
  7. Released as a single too, includes a Movin' On remix, and the excellent song Swallows in The Heatwave.
  8. On Your Own
  9. Theme From Retro
  10. You're So Great
  11. Death Of A Party
  12. Chinese Bombs
  13. I'm Just A Killer For Your Love
  14. Look Inside America
  15. Strange News From Another Star
  16. Movin' On
  17. Essex Dogs