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mission drive within everything
have fun with what you do for a living, it encourages others to follow in your footsteps.
HS comms, general science
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be careful how you have fun, it encourages others to follow in your footsteps.
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re-born geek, now my computer does what others tell it to do....behind my back. not that I'm blind, I'm just at the low end of the 'moderate' portion of the network literacy scale. I've become a (cue sinister music for shudder) user. the art of programming seems almost wholly unattainable for me anymore. oh, sure, I've written a couple screensavers, but what does that count for? finger-sniffing 101 maybe.... ennyhoo, what'd ya expect? a home address?

the meaningless stuff:

network tech, sub-rate up to OC192. no I can't recommend a system for your office/render farm. I only provide the pipe, and keep it error-free. do your own local muldemming (is that a word?). anyone with issues with a CLEC t1 and up network link can feel free to ask, tho (I see a lot of that at work)....

38, as of late '02.

married, no kids. sort of. ok, 2 step kids that treat me as a big bro, it's cool.

LAN games rock.

I'm actually AT E2 because I've recommended it as an outlet to some folks I consider intelligent, who have enjoyed it considerably and met some real folks. It was recommended to me by a long-lost bud who has been here for quite a while.

vampire. definitely nocturnal. goes with the territory, I repair redundant systems that keep the public "'network" going (at least in my neck of the woods).

hobby: graphics. no, I don't animate, I'm more a texture freak. a convincing picture is in my definition satisfaction.

dream: I WILL fly again.