"Sandkings" is a short story collection by science fiction and fantasy author George R. R. Martin.

Martin has been writing for several decades, but only recently became extremely popular through the wildly successful fantasy novel "A Game of Thrones" and its sequels. This collection is part of Martin's now out of print back catalogue. All stories were written in the last half of the seventies and were originally published in genre magazines such as Omni.

The stories vary in quality from average to excellent. Hey, it's not "A Game of Thrones", but you can still see the hand of the master author. Personal favorites are "Fast-Friend", about a possible evolutionary step for mankind, and the title story "Sandkings", which was filmed for the series "The Outer Limits" (see Syntari's excellent write-up right below this one).

For the fans: at least two of the stories in "Sandkings" are set in the same universe as Martin's first solo science fiction novel "Dying of the Light".