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All About Me...
I guess I'm sort of a Jack Tripper type of guy who has done everything he's ever wanted to do..
I'm 23, I just graduated from college and am working as a programmer- I own an entire basement full of ancient computer and video game equipme.nt: 3 Arcade Games including a cocktail Ms. Pac Man which I found in an alley, A vast library of Coleco and Intellivsion games, most Old Home Computers etc... My new job is giving me a pot belly...
On weekends I like to ride my motorbike as far&.away as possible and camp--- When I'm not doing that, I like to entertain the neighbors with my drum playing... I live with two chicks...

When I was Growing up, my favorite show was Three's Company, My first love was Computers and programming (C64 -&.Age 7), my second love was the Drums (age 10), my Third love was motor bikes (Age 15), and my fourth love was Girls(Age 12) (wrong order but who read's this anyways)So Jack Tripper's my hero.


It's two years later, which means that I'm 25 now. I no longer live in a house with two chicks, I live in an apartment by myself. I no longer have a basment full of old junk, I have a kitchen full of old junk. I no longer play the drums, because I live in an apartment. I still ride my motor bike and go camping. I feel way older than 23. Hmph...