A skateboarding trick. It's actually short for "360 kickflip," but "360 flip" rolls off the tongue more smoothly. Done correctly, 360 flips also roll rather smoothly off one's feet. It is a skateboarding trick in which the board spins 360 degrees parallel to the ground while also kickflipping. Can also be described as a 360 pop shove-it with a kickflip.

360 flips, like all other skateboarding tricks, can be learned with practice, practice, practice. Learn 360 pop shove-its, learn kickflips, then combine the two. Once you've landed a few 360 flips, here are a few tips for perfecting them:

  • The faster you're rolling, the easier they are
  • Some find that learning 360 flips fakie is easier.
  • Once you have the basic muscle memory necessary to pull off 360 flips consistently, concentrate on scooping the board hard with your rear foot. Done correctly, a good scoop means you don't have to kick with your front foot at all, just let it roll off your foot.