"Logos," as a greek word, is linked to "word" and "logic," but to define it as either of these things misses much of the richness of the word.

For some greek philosophers, like Heraclitus, the logos was a kind of intelligent life force, or principle of intelligence, that pervaded the universe. For the 20th century philosopher Martin Heidegger, logos was synonymous with the real meaning of discourse, including dialetic.

Logos is the space we move in when we think, it is the void into which all infinite regresses recede, it is the fire that lights the spark of intuition. It is "word" in the sense that "In the beginning, there was the word...", and it is "logic" in the sense that a Turing Machine is one kind of wormhole into the logos. It might be what people meant when they coined the term cyberspace.