A workplace fiction. The myth goes something like this:
  • You don't go in to work for a preset number of days.
  • During this time you accrue pay just as if you were there
  • This time can be used to do whatever you want
If I were to take the time to type out the whole elaborate myth structure, I would introduce fantastic characters like "friends" and "family."

Like Christmas, this myth has gained such wide-spread acceptance that people generally talk about it as if it were real. In fact, my pay stub has life-like figures that indicate the imaginary number of hours I could use as vacation. I can only assume that this level of effort is spent purpetuating the myth so as to not shatter the world of people who still believe in it.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if our parents just explained to us that vacation isn't real? I suppose the whole point is the spirit of vacation... but still...