Often thought to be Tori Amos' musical godmother, Kate was born on july 30, 1958. as far as anyone knows she is still unmarried, but involved with bassist and engineer del palmer. She is, in no particular order, a songwriter, a musician, a dancer, a director, an actress, a fish-eating vegetarian, and a closet smoker. she's 5'3 and gorgeous.

Kate Bush has two brothers, John Carder Bush (Jay) and Paddy Bush. Jay often photographs for Kate's album covers, and Paddy plays exotic instruments and digs up old folk tunes to contribute to her music.

Kate first appeared in public touring London pubs with the KT Bush Band. all of her solo albums have a KT hidden somewhere on the cover or even on the vinyl itself.

Kate's only tour was called the Tour of Life, in 1979. footage of only half the show is presented in the video Live at Hammersmith Odeon, and a four track ep was also released.

Kate Bush is friends with Terry Gilliam, and contributed to his Brazil soundtrack with a cover of the 30s song. it was originally to be included in the movie, but only made it onto the album, released in 1992.

Kate has done the music for nine Fruitopia commercials for American TV and movie theaters.

Kate has a quirky sense of humor. In videos, she apparently often moves her eyes to the right and left. when questioned by a fan about this behavior, she said the following:

"I have to watch out for any demons that might be creeping up on me and video shoots attract so many of them that I have to keep an extra eye out in case they trip me up while we're going for a take. You've seen what happens to Faith Brown because she doesn't look out for them."

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