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Hi iam anorexia wannabe! iam 17 years old and well i think everyone can say iam FAT!!!!
i live in scotland and am still at school.
The reason i really want to become anorexic is because i hate my life! so much.I want to be like the people i go aroud with in school and be nice and skinny and i would like for people to see my bones sticking out of my skin and for people to say aw look at her she is nice and skinny and not for people to say aww look at her she is soo prety i wish i looked like her but are acually talking about the person beside me!
i hate my life so much i want to be skinny so badly and i will not be able to do it because all i think about it food! and i really hope that people on this website will help me achive my gole!

i have never used something like thins so will someone please try and help me figure it out i dont have a clue what to do !?!