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To eat butter-peacan ice cream on tuesday nights while dibbling on my keyboard due to moronic entries on everything2.
Sniffing things up my nose, making loud obnoxious noises with my cheeks, and generally not following the rest of society's constraints.
Saint Joseph's College (Rensselaer, IN)
Don't touch that, you don't know where you have been. -The Voice in the backround to Roger Wilco 3
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I should start by saying, expect the most interesting things, but mostly not, from me. I really try not to follow in anyone's foot steps, but at the same time take a little bit of life from everyone else. A little bit of Electicism for me, does the body good.

I find ignorance appalling, people enthralling, and small furry animals calling me to play with them part of my daily life. I really don't like those who are ignorant to their surroundings at all. They drive me nuts. I can't help that. I may be ignorant myself somtimes, so do somethings about me and chastize me for it. I need it every once in a while. Ask somebody about it. I will agree with the saying ignorance is bliss, but in the sense that when you are ignorant it is not because you want to be or you are just plain dumb. When people are ignorant because they choose not to educate themselves. That bothers me. So read and do something productive. My mom told me that, so I think it should be put in my bio.

You want to know about me? Well, I'll try to write a little bit more about myself here. I am 20 years old with the mind of a 20 year old. Yep isn't that amazing. I think so. Well, maybe not really, but I try to make it sound like I am somewhat of a half-whit, no that is not it, a half-way intelligent person. I am originally from Cleveland, but go to college in Rensselaer, Indiana, the home of absolutely nothing (but people who drink lots of alcohol). I don't really like to drink that often, but I do occasionally. I am not going to physically going to describe myself, because that should not matter to you. If you probably would have guessed, I am interested to a point in computers. I love everything about them, but find myself prying my hands off the keyboard to remind me that people still exsist outside of an 80X60 text terminal.

Free time: that is what I like most, doing what everyone else does not think about. How about rolling yourself up in a ball of duct tape and letting miscellaneous people roll you around for fun (I have still yet to try it). Sit in a lawn chair when ever you get board (no matter where you are). Make noises every 5 seconds. So on. Keep it real though. There is fun to due with out substances (although I have tried them myself, I do not find them as pleasing as the real world. It is only there for an escape for those who can deal with reality or those who think it is fun).

Look for my nodes though.