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brain doctoring, salsa dancing, world travelling, opera singing...
University Hospital, AB
"I've been through a lot of terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened." Mark Twain
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I am an overworked, underpaid neurology resident at the University of Alberta (that's Canada...).

I stumbled across this site a few days ago and am finding it highly addictive. I've noticed a recurrent theme of brain, neurons, synapses, perhaps I'm in the right place, after all. I've led a bizarre, eclectic life, not your typical medical type, full of tales too fantastic to recount here. Communication, linguistics, interfaces of all forms fascinate me. I also have a love of all things latin (la cultura, no la idioma muerta ;-), exotic food, belgian beer, gin and tonics, kissing, running and feeling the ocean air on my face.

Lest this degenerate into a personal ad, I'll stop now.

"Los suenos, suenos son..."

-Calderon de la Barca