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Oh the obligatory web bio, how the internet is littered with their corpses.

Ok, well, let us assume for our purposes that you have the slightest microcosm of interest in me, and I'll assume in good faith that it is for your own edification.

Basics: Me llamo Sr. McGruder (I always hated Spanish class, no offense to our Spanish speaking citizenry). As stated, my name is Mac, I am 24 years old, I was born in Cincinnati OH, however currently reside in Louisville, KY.

Academic: I am a Senior at the University of Louisville, where I am majoring in applied mathematics and physics (read: i am a masochist). I will graduate with my first B.S. this spring in applied mathematics, and my second in Physics next spring. I will start work on my masters in applied mathematics at U of L next fall 2003, and from there, who knows. I am still evaluating whether or not I am crazy enough to pursue a PhD. although I'm not sure that I have the fortitude to do it.

Professional: I have worked as a computer programmer for 4 years now. It has been a worthy venture as it has paid my way through college (no loans for me). I develop industrial data tracking/analysis systems for a variety of different industries. I am not a language purist; I use pretty much anything at my disposal that is appropriate for the task. I have employed the technologies of ASP, VB,, C++, etc. And on it goes.

Political: I am very conservative when it comes to politics. You name it, if your a liberal on any number of issues (abortion, taxation, role of government, interpretation of the constitution, etc.) we probably won't agree, and I am ok with that. However I find it very disconcerting how people of my persuasion in various sects of the mainstream (eg. the press, etc.). are treated like social lepers with no valid argument. In short, I am a conservative, and yes I am ok with that.

Religion: I was raised Catholic, but well, lets just say i have taken a temporary reprieve for a yet undetermined period of time.

Interests on E2: I love mathematics. Probably why I spent so much time and money studying it no? I would really like to contribute mostly to expanding the realm of collective knowledge on mathematics here at E2. It is one of the most beautiful subjects both in its history and application. While all physicist will quickly point out that mathematics only formed out of the primordial soup to help physicist solve problems (which is true) it really grew and took on a life of its own which, much to their dismay, physicist can't take credit for (they certainly like to take credit for a lot, although so do mathematicians). I will also jump into the political fray, I am a huge politico, although I'm not sure why because it is the source of much frustration.

What is Aleph Null: For those who have not been introduced to set theory, aleph null is the first transfinite cardinal number developed by Georg Cantor in his publication Beitr√§ge zur Begr√ľndung der transfiniten Mengenlehre. The easiest way to explain it is this. If you take the set of ALL natural numbers S = {1, 2, 3,....} it is obvious that there is no largest number in that set, meaning the set of numbers is infinite, creating a new number ω which is the first transfinite number. If you were to talk about the cardinality of S, you would be talking about its size, therefore its cardinality is transfinite. The transfinite cardinality of all finite cardinal numbers (namely {N}) is called Aleph Null א = {v}. (aleph is the first letter in the hebrew alphabet). Cantor chose Aleph because he wanted something unique; Everyone used the Greek alphabet to define things, and because his set theory was so unique he wanted it to have unique representation, hence aleph null. Cantor is one of my favorite mathematicians, hence the name, aleph null. As Paul Harvey would say, now you know.... the rest of the story. If you want to know more about Georg Cantor, there is an excellent book by Joseph Dauben called Georg Cantor: His Mathematics and Philosophies of the Infinite

Conclusion: My typical bio would be one line: "I am a work in progress", however, for you wonderful people on e2, I went all out. In short im just a conservative math nerd who loves cohen brothers movies and the beatles. Hope to see you in a node or 2.